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RAI Amsterdam Partners with Cisco and Radware to Enhance Network Security for High-Profile Events

RAI Amsterdam, one of the Netherlands' largest event and exhibition centers, has teamed up with global technology leaders Cisco and Radware. The partnership aims to implement Cisco Secure Cloud DDoS Protection, a cutting-edge solution developed by Radware, as part of Cisco's comprehensive Cloud Security portfolio.

RAI Amsterdam is renowned for hosting around 500 diverse events annually, drawing approximately 1.5 million visitors. With a focus on IT, gaming, and financial services events, the center has emphasized the need for robust network security to ensure uninterrupted and secure digital experiences for exhibitors and attendees.

Bret Baas, Chief Information Officer at RAI Amsterdam, expressed confidence in the collaboration, stating, "Our collaboration with Radware and Cisco is essential in helping us deliver on that commitment. Together, they are providing us with state-of-the-art cyber protection, deep technical expertise, and a flexible business model. It’s a seamless partnership."

Cisco Secure Cloud DDoS Protection is designed to offer resilience and continuous availability against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, which are becoming increasingly common in the digital landscape. The solution employs advanced behavioral algorithms and a global network of cloud scrubbing centers to quickly identify and mitigate harmful traffic, ensuring optimal network performance.

Michel Schaalje, Cybersecurity Lead at Cisco Netherlands, highlighted the importance of the partnership, saying, "With Cisco Secure Cloud DDoS Protection, we provide robust cybersecurity measures that ensure resilience and availability, helping RAI Amsterdam maintain a secure network environment as they host a diverse range of events."

Yoav Gazelle, Chief Business Officer at Radware, emphasized the growing need for security in the industry, stating, "With more cyberattacks targeting industry events, security has become a critical component to a program’s overall success. Working together with Cisco, we enable major event organizations and exhibition centers like RAI Amsterdam to build secure state-of-the-art IT environments."

The collaboration between RAI Amsterdam, Cisco, and Radware marks a significant step forward in enhancing network security for large event and exhibition centers, ensuring that they can continue to provide safe and seamless digital experiences in an increasingly connected world.


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