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SecurityScorecard Launches Managed Cyber Risk Services

SecurityScorecard has introduced its novel Managed Cyber Risk Services tailored to address the rising need for effective third-party cyber risk management. In a landscape where a staggering 98% of organizations have associations with third parties that have faced breaches, SecurityScorecard aims to unravel the complexities of third-party cyber risk with a blend of its acclaimed platform and expert resources.

Aleksandr Yampolskiy, CEO and Co-Founder of SecurityScorecard, emphasized the urgency for operationalizing third- and fourth-party cyber risk management. Yampolskiy stated, "Many CISOs are challenged with manual third-party risk approaches that are inconsistent and focused on checkbox compliance… The next evolution of security ratings will focus on operationalizing cyber risk management and threat intelligence to directly impact our customers’ ability to deliver on their mission."

What sets SecurityScorecard's approach apart is its fusion of Managed Cyber Risk Services with a comprehensive suite of solutions, establishing it as the sole solution of its kind in the market. With over 3,000 customers globally, this offering is poised to help partners and customers achieve strategic security goals.

Key features of SecurityScorecard Managed Cyber Risk Services include:

  • Dynamic detection and mitigation of third-party cyber risk.

  • Addressing the cybersecurity skills gap by bolstering security teams' capacity.

  • Continuous monitoring and analysis of risk indicators for third- and fourth-party ecosystems.

  • Enhancing security ratings' actionable insights by incorporating business context.

  • Streamlining contract security compliance through a traceable process.

  • Measuring results based on trusted analysis and empowering guidance.

Jeff Laskowski, Senior Vice President & General Manager of Professional Services at SecurityScorecard, highlighted the company's innovative solutions and how they consolidate adjacent solutions into the platform, along with expert services. Laskowski stated, "We not only help our customers build economic efficiencies but also effectively mitigate third-party risk."

SecurityScorecard's approach centers on a partner-focused model that allows customers to tap into a broad ecosystem of service delivery partners, magnifying the benefits of the platform. Partners adopting the "Powered by SecurityScorecard" brand can deliver value to their customers by capitalizing on the company's extensive experience in third-party cyber risk management.

Larry Slusser, Vice President, Global Head of Professional Services Delivery at SecurityScorecard, noted the need for a specialized and skilled workforce to operationalize third-party cyber risk management. Slusser explained, "By applying the principles of incident response to vendor risk management, customers can take charge with a turn-key, proactive, and comprehensive program designed to eliminate business disruption and drive cyber resilience."



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