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Stack Identity Launches Identity Risk Management Platform on AWS Marketplace

Stack Identity has announced the availability of its comprehensive identity access risk management platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. The solution aims to make advanced identity risk management more accessible and efficient for organizations grappling with the increasing challenge of Shadow Access in the cloud.

Shadow Access, characterized by unauthorized, invisible, unmonitored, and unintended access, poses a substantial security risk, particularly with the growing reliance on cloud storage for valuable data. The Cloud Security Alliance has warned about the potentially catastrophic consequences of Shadow Access, highlighting the urgent need for effective management solutions.

The surge in AI-driven applications, such as ChatGPT, has exacerbated the issue by expanding access to enterprise data. This expansion makes it increasingly challenging for organizations to monitor entitlements and privileges, raising the risks of cyberattacks.

Stack Identity's platform, now available on AWS Marketplace, offers a robust solution to this problem. It is a converged identity security solution that identifies, detects, eliminates, and governs 100% of Shadow Access risks in the cloud. The platform is a next-generation CIEM (Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management) that unifies various aspects of cloud identity and entitlement management, providing a prioritized list of hidden Shadow Access patterns that could potentially lead to data breaches or compliance violations.

Venkat Raghavan, founder and CEO of Stack Identity, explained the decision to make the platform available through AWS Marketplace: “Stack Identity’s availability on AWS Marketplace will make it easier and more cost-efficient than ever for customers and prospects to access our platform’s leading identity risk management capabilities.”

A Forrester and AWS survey found that 33% of organizations prefer purchasing cloud software through cloud marketplaces, with AWS standing out for its trusted reputation and simplified buying process. This preference is only expected to grow, making Stack Identity’s move timely and strategic.

The process of procuring software from early-stage vendors like Stack Identity can often be protracted and complex. However, with the platform's availability on AWS Marketplace, customers and prospects are set to benefit from a simplified and expedited buying process.

Steve De Jong, a distinguished engineer at Vercara, expressed his support for Stack Identity’s decision: “Stack Identity’s availability on AWS Marketplace makes vendor qualification easy, greatly simplifying the procurement and adoption processes,” he said. He emphasized how Stack Identity’s platform is crucial for gaining visibility into data exposure risks and eliminating Shadow Access across large AWS ecosystems.


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