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Sumo Logic Enhances Data Collection for Simplified Kubernetes Monitoring

Sumo Logic, a prominent SaaS Log Analytics Platform, has unveiled its HELM Chart V4 feature, marking another milestone in its commitment to OpenTelemetry (OTel). This update empowers organizations to streamline data collection for cloud-native applications deployed on Kubernetes clusters, making use of OpenTelemetry as the default method. Sumo Logic HELM Chart V4 simplifies the data collection process by eliminating dependencies on third-party solutions such as Fluentbit, Fluentd, and Prometheus. By unifying the collection of metrics, logs, traces, and events, it reduces complexity, costs, and the need for multiple agents.

Sumo Logic HELM Chart V4 delivers a more straightforward and efficient approach to Kubernetes monitoring, utilizing OpenTelemetry as the standard collector. This enhancement offers unified collection, auto-instrumentation, and pre-configured settings, all aimed at improving data collection efficiency, simplifying the infrastructure setup, and fostering adoption among developers and DevOps teams.

The move towards seamless data collection is a significant step in providing real-time operational insights for digital businesses. Sumo Logic HELM Chart V4 reduces the management complexities associated with diverse third-party collection agents, offering a more streamlined experience for organizations to optimize their deployment lifecycle, enhance security, and achieve cost efficiencies. With this development, Sumo Logic continues to fulfill its commitment to the OpenTelemetry initiative and its mission to empower organizations to efficiently monitor and secure cloud-native applications.


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