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Sumo Logic Unveils Innovative Solutions for Rapid Troubleshooting and Security in AWS Environments

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Sumo Logic, the SaaS analytics platform focused on enabling dependable and secure cloud-native applications, has unveiled a suite of innovative updates aimed at expediting troubleshooting and bolstering security within AWS environments. These enhancements empower users to swiftly address issues with just a few clicks, a crucial development given the escalating complexity of digital transformation and cloud initiatives.

The ongoing shift to cloud and digital transformation has introduced a maze of challenges for organizations, from security and operational management to soaring costs and system silos. Sumo Logic's AI-driven SaaS Log Analytics Platform aims to streamline these complexities by consolidating logs, metrics, traces, and metadata into a unified platform, ensuring the reliability and security of mission-critical applications in AWS environments.

Key offerings and features introduced by Sumo Logic include:

  1. High-Speed Troubleshooting for AWS: Sumo Logic streamlines AWS monitoring and troubleshooting by providing comprehensive visibility into application and system health. With deep AWS integrations and preconfigured content, users can efficiently monitor and troubleshoot AWS issues with just a few clicks.

  2. Sumo Logic Log Analytics for AWS: This packaged solution offers a curated view and a single dashboard for monitoring and troubleshooting AWS services. It automatically collects data from 12 core AWS services, simplifying visibility across different AWS accounts and regions. The solution employs ML-powered analytics to accelerate troubleshooting and optimize AWS spend.

  3. Secure Your AWS Environment: Sumo Logic's platform enhances security by enabling security and DevOps teams to detect, investigate, and respond to security threats within AWS infrastructure and cloud-native applications. It includes features like Cloud Infrastructure Security (CIS) for AWS, offering an enterprise-wide view of AWS infrastructure and insights into security threats and non-compliant controls.

  4. Powerful AI/ML Platform: Sumo Logic's cloud-native platform leverages AI/ML-driven models to tackle complex operational and security challenges. New innovations include AI-Driven Alerting, AI-powered applications for AWS CloudTrail DevOps, and AWS CloudTrail SecOps. These features provide deep insights, quick issue detection, and proactive threat detection.

Sumo Logic's President and CEO, Joe Kim, emphasized the pivotal role of logs as a fundamental source of truth in bridging the gap between DevOps, SecOps, and Ops. “Every organization across every industry is transforming, relying on digital and cloud to accelerate innovation, develop a competitive edge and help service their customers better. But these initiatives often lead to significant complexities for operations and security teams,” said Kim. “We believe logs are the fundamental source of truth that brings Dev, Sec, and Ops together, and we’re excited about these new innovations and updates we’re showcasing this week to further strengthen our cloud-native SaaS Log Analytics Platform to provide a single, unified view, that allows users to go from insights to action, fast.”


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