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Symmetry Systems Introduces Enterprise-Grade Security Solutions for Data+AI, Including Microsoft Copilot

Symmetry Systems, a leading data+AI security company, has unveiled its Symmetry for Enterprise Gen AI product line, a groundbreaking set of solutions designed to ensure the safe adoption of generative AI (Gen AI) technologies, including Microsoft Copilot, within modern organizations. The product line features a pioneering Gen AI inventory tool that provides a comprehensive view of an organization's data exposure through AI agents, enabling secure indexing of data estates by AI technologies.

Dr. Mohit Tiwari, CEO of Symmetry Systems, emphasized the importance of security in the rapidly evolving AI landscape, stating, "The rapid adoption of AI in the workplace highlights a burgeoning market, but it also comes with the challenge of ensuring data security. Our new product line is specifically designed to address this challenge, ensuring that organizations can safely integrate AI tools like Microsoft Copilot without compromising sensitive data."

The Symmetry for Enterprise Gen AI product line offers a unique approach to data security, focusing on the specific risks associated with integrating Gen AI technologies into an organization's environment. It provides a detailed readiness and data security analysis that identifies potential vulnerabilities and offers targeted solutions to mitigate risks. This tailored approach, combined with fast setup and comprehensive reporting, positions Symmetry's solution as a first-of-its-kind service for AI security in the workplace.

Claude Mandy, Chief Evangelist at Symmetry, highlighted the significance of addressing data exposure risks, stating, "Symmetry's solution zeroes in on the critical challenge organizations face with the adoption of AI agents: the overlooked exposure of vast quantities of sensitive data through platforms like OneDrive and SharePoint. By proactively addressing these security risks, we enable faster AI adoption with security at the forefront."

The Gen AI inventory feature of Symmetry's product line allows organizations to precisely assess the usage of various generative AI models, such as LLaMA, OpenAI, ChatGPT, and Hugging Face, among others. This comprehensive inventory ensures that businesses can fully understand their AI landscape and secure their deployments against potential vulnerabilities.

Dr. Anand Singh, Global CISO and an expert on cybersecurity implications in regulated industries, praised Symmetry's approach, stating, "AI agents like Copilot represent a force of nature in the technology landscape. Enterprises cannot afford to ignore it. Symmetry's new Gen AI product line helps organizations navigate this terrain wisely by understanding the nature of data integrated into shared AI models and ensuring robust safeguards against poisoning of the models."

Symmetry Systems' new product line sets a new standard in responsible AI deployment, ensuring that organizations can harness the power of AI for productivity while maintaining the security and integrity of their data.


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